Wednesday, February 18, 2015

A day too late

Today I got the unpleasant news that 2 emergency at-home euthanasias, which had been scheduled early this morning, had died before we could even drive their way. These poor pets did not have a peaceful end, as we had planned, due to their owners waiting too long to make the decision. Every month we get these calls where people waited a day too late, instead of acting a week early & allowing their pet to have some peace & dignity at the end.

We always sedate pets heavily before the final injection of euthanasia solution, so the pet is feeling no pain & is unaware of what's happening. I tell the owners their pet is off running & playing & enjoying their new life over the rainbow bridge.

My advice to pet owners is to make plans to help your beloved pet pass gently & not die an agonal death at home. Usually, this crisis moment comes in the middle of the nite & no one is available, except at the emergency clinic. We get these messages every month on our voice mail. It is truly sad for us to hear those messages. Unfortunately, we can't be available 24/7. I especially feel bad for the poor pets.

If you have a pet who is declining & you wonder how to know when it is time, there is a "Quality of Life" scale that a wonderful organization has online......