Sunday, October 21, 2012

A Big Round of Applause!

The VBB Pharmacy post was SO good...  that those of us here at the VBB Round Table were hesitant to post too soon because we didn't want to push it down on the page, but....

We feel we MUST thank our awesome audience for giving us over ONE MILLION VIEWS!  At the risk of showing our cheesy side and quoting Austin Powers, it must be said:  "GROOOOOVY BABY!"

The success of this blog is owed to our large and ever-growing fan base, and we hope to continue to be as creative and - dare I say - un-PC, as we can!  

Please keep up the great following, continue to comment and give us feedback, and as always, have fun and ENJOY!

This blog's for you, baby.  :)


  1. Yay ! Makes me a lot less grumpy ! lol.

  2. Having recently entered the blogosphere myself, congratulations! Now off to install a counter on my page...

  3. Congrats and get over yourselves. You used to be funny and prolific. Used to be.....