Saturday, October 6, 2012

Yo, Redditors!

Noticed a little uptick in our traffic coming from Reddit, and found Redditor essentialparadoxes had thrown a link into one of her comments there. Or possibly his comments, you never know, although those who claim we lack diversity will say you do know, and that that's a huge problem. Whatever. Although I'd like to point out that I know of at least one North American veterinary school whose class president about 10 years ago was a gay Puerto Rican man. Hard to get a lot more diverse than that really. I've also met a few international Japanese students studying at North American veterinary schools in the past ten years. But I digress. Thanks for the shoutout, intrepid future colleague! Stay golden.

I'll add a breeder story so I can tag this so folks from Reddit find it when they click essentialparadoxes' link.

About 3 or 4 weeks ago a breeder called completely out of the blue wanting to know if she could bring a dog by for a pregnancy check. The receptionist said she'd be glad to book an appointment with Dr. VBB - but then the breeder said she didn't want an appointment. The receptionist was confused and asked the breeder what she wanted, and the breeder said "I just want to drop by and have the doctor palpate and see if she's pregnant." When told that this would require an appointment, the breeder asked "but what if I don't want to pay? I just want to stop by informally, you know?" 

There's a dent in my desk the size of my head from just that ONE phone call, people.


  1. I love those people "can I just bring Mom by? She doesn't need an appointment, I just want the doctor to see if she's having a stroke or not."

  2. Fuckin a:-/ I know it's no consolation to you Dr. Grumpy, but it makes me feel better to know that ours is not the only profession whose skills are taken for granted:P
    VBB, I'd tell her, informally, to kiss your ass. Informally you know.

  3. I get those in ER, who tell the front desk, after I've examined their pet & made an estimate which they've declined, that they don't feel they should have to pay anything, because I didn't even look at their pet.

    Here's your sign......