Thursday, April 5, 2012

Insert witty title here.

Sometimes things happen, and I want to tell people about them, but I fear no one will believe me. Then I read stories like this one: and I realize that there is so very much crazy in the world, my stories are probably not that shocking to anyone who's paying attention.

So, anyway.

My poor beleaguered receptionist just doesn't seem to have learned her lesson. Despite years of experience suggesting she not do this, she continues to ask people "so, what's new?" or "how's everything going for you?" or some such, when they are in our waiting room. A couple of weeks ago, she asked one particular woman this question, and was unprepared for what she subsequently learned. It went down like this:

Receptionist: So, how's everything going for you?
Client: Well, you know, it's been hard since Rusty died.
Receptionist: I do know. I'm so sorry.
Client: The thing is, Cooper only ever peed when Rusty did. Rusty was housebroken, so Cooper was too. But now that Rusty's dead, Cooper doesn't know he's supposed to pee outside. So I have to teach him.
Receptionist: What do you mean?
Client: Well, I've had to start peeing outside so Cooper knows he's supposed to pee outside.
Receptionist: ...
Client: It was ok during that unseasonably warm week but it's been kind of cold the past few days.
Receptionist: ...
Client: How long do you think it will take him to figure it out? I need to have some landscaping done but I don't really want to be peeing outside in front of the work crew.
Receptionist: I think you should bring this up with Dr. VBB - that's above my pay scale, really.


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  2. My mom tried barking, whining, and scratching at the back door while down on all fours to try teaching the dog to ask to go out.

    1. too bad that was before the interwebz:P video would've gone viral for sure;)

  3. In vet school, a story went around that there was a dog that wouldn't pee on its own (as required for its discharge). So the owners were called and asked if there was some sort of special command that was used. The female owner calmly remarked that everynight the dog would go out with her husband and the husband would pee and then the dog would follow suit. So she suggested if we had a male student willing to do this, the dog would likely pee. Her suggestion was obviously ignored.

  4. I have a dog that was returned to rescue cause he won't pee. It never occurred to me to pee outside. He will follow my dogs and pee after they do, of course. I figure as long as this guy isn't an "only son" he will be fine....... This just shows what weird things people get up to when they only have one dog!

  5. I give dogs more credit for not being that stupid and eventually figuring out when and where they are supposed to pee. Unfortunately, I don't do the same for their owners.

  6. Hey where are you guys/gals!? I miss you!

  7. I am not a vet but follow my labrador around with a headlamp each night as she finds 'the perfect' bush to crawl under or clump of grass to squash into for a pee..never occurred to me to to squat and show her how it's done LOL..Hysterical.