Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Just don't do it.

Public service announcement: if you make a video of your pet being put to
sleep, and show it to your gynecologist at your next appointment, your
GYN will immediately call her veterinarian friend and tell him all
about it, and they will mock you a second time. It's one thing to want a record of Kitty's passing for your own personal viewing, or maybe to share with one of Kitty's loved ones who was unable to attend the last vet visit (although in about fifteen years of practice, not once has any of my own clients made such a recording!). But showing the video around to all and sundry smacks of "Kittycat snuff video" to me. It's just not socially acceptable.
Trust me.


  1. Consider for a moment, veterinary readers, suggesting to our clients that we record their pet's euthanasia as a memento. If you're like me, you can't even think about how you'd bring up the subject to a pet owner

  2. I for one would run screaming from the room...

  3. I shouldn't be surprised, but SERIOUSLY????

  4. Glad to know someone else's patients are crazy, too.

    1. Our patients are usually the sane ones. It's their owners that are whacked...

  5. I'm guessing she videotaped the births of her kids and showed them to her minister/rabbi/priest, too!

    As I reluctantly think this thing through, does that mean that someone was holding her beloved pet as she videotaped?

  6. Lady, I'm embarrassed for you. You have violated a sacred moment, and instead worshiped a phone. We are doomed.