Tuesday, February 19, 2013

VBB: The Next Generation

As any parent reading this already knows, and non-parents may have heard, kids do unexpected things all the time. The young son of  Dr. VBB is no exception! This morning at 0-dark-30, Dr. VBB said "son, go outside and find that dog of yours. You need to bring her in, before we leave to go to school." The boy enthusiastically bounded outside and was gone for a good bit. After a while, the door opened and in came boy and dog.

Boy: Mom. MOM! DogBehavingBadly puked out there.
Dr. VBB: oh really? Was it food, or just bile? How many times?
Boy: [whips out iphone] Here. Let me show you the video.

I mean, really. Child stood there, and recorded the DBB puking. What does this say about him? What does this say about me? Am I raising him wrong? Not to be all "kids today!" but seriously....

At least when he showed me the video he was able to point out the plant material contained in the vomitus and to postulate that DBB had once again gone empty-stomach-grazing outside. But "and look! I already put it on YouTube!" -- really?


Funny. I might have expected him to come running in yelling "she's womitin', womitin' bad, sorr!" - but I guess times have changed.


  1. You can't give a kid an iphone and then not expect him to use it to it's full potential. Just sayin'.

  2. Reminds me of kids at dog shows that know more about dog-reproduction than most adults know about human reproduction!

  3. "I also did a PowerPoint presentation on causes of vomiting in this breed."

  4. Clancy! Loved the Herriot books...

  5. Love the Herriot reference :-)
    But I think the smartphone video thing is a great trend for vet practices - you can witness seizures, vomiting, odd behavior instead of relying on the owners description.

    1. I wholeheartedly agree! Being able to recognize that petit mal seizure for what it really is instead of what the owner thinks is "just a funny little quirk" as well as being able to tell an owner "it's just a 'reverse sneeze', nothing to be too concerned about" is absolutely wonderful!

      As for the children and the pets...I consider myself lucky if my 2 children do something pet related without being reminded more than twice. The husband too, for that matter!