Saturday, June 15, 2013

Signatures and Support Needed

Seems someone else in the profession feels the way many of us do and has taken it upon himself to spread the word and try to make the changes necessary to save the profession in general.  He's taking on the AVMA and asking for help on so that we can force their hand with enough signatures.

He needs our support.  Please visit the page and join him in the fight to do SOMEthing instead of sitting on our hands bitching and moaning and accomplishing nothing, as we've been doing for the last 20 years.

Save the Veterinary Profession


  1. HI guys,
    I am the founder of the save the veterinary profession movement. Our profession is in trouble and the organization that is supposed to advocate for us has stopped listening to us and is not only failing to act in our best interest, but actually pursuing policies that can make things worse rather than better.Despite my attempts to get them to listen or even engage in a conversation they stonewall, smear me and generally avoid answering my questions. WE MUST DO SOMETHING. Please help by joining my grassroots movement to take back control of our future. I cant do it alone. AVMA are experts at keeping their head down until the story dies down and then continuing as though nothing happened.lets keep the pressure on and force them to listen.If they wont lets abandon them and start our own association.

  2. As a veterinary student disgruntled about the AVMA and my future job prospects I wanted to sign this petition. However, I am also an american studying at a foreign university. I am unclear as to why granting accreditation to foreign schools who have proven they maintain a suitable program is a bad thing? As a student at a very good school, where I am paying less tuition that I would have at an american university (My in-state was $$$ California, and yes, I chose to leave the states. I had many American options, but my school was a better option), the opportunity to study abroad and experience veterinary medicine in another country only serves to widen my knowledge and further the American veterinary community. Yes, there are ways to work in the states from an unaccredited university. However, I think making it easier for people to experience life outside of the states and bring knowledge in from other countries only helps American medicine get better. So no, I won't be signing this petition.