Saturday, January 25, 2014

Yay! My Dog Doesn't Have Cancer! Now Give Me My Money Back.

There has been much talk on here about how clients could be better clients if only they... <fill in the blank>

Well, here's one.  How about if, when you bring your dog in for a wound that is necrotic and stinks so bad you can smell it from across the room, and we recommend debridement and closure and oh, I dunno...  maybe suggest a biopsy of the tissue because you aren't quite sure how long it's been there...  and we want to make sure it's not a cancerous lesion...

When we call you with the good news that it's not  cancer and the wound should heal with no complications...

How about if you  don't get all pissy with us, accuse us of stealing your money and making frivolous recommendations and instead...  just say thank you for making sure my dog doesn't have cancer.  I feel so much better now!

There's a novel idea.


  1. These are the same people, who if it was cancer, wouldn't treat it because "you can't give them a guarantee."

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