Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Moose Grease and Condom Juice

Well ya know the holiday season is upon us, and those in this profession know that it means Death Season.  Yep, that phenomenon where all the people in the country love their pets soooo much that they cannot bear to watch them suffer any longer and must put them to sleep NOW.  (cue in "Have Yourself a Merry Little Deadly Christmas"...)

So we at VBB West Coast thought maybe a fun post was in order.   How about if we share some stuff we've learned recently?  You know, those gems without which we could not practice?  Especially those taught to us by clients.  Those are the BEST gems of all!

I learned this week:

--  Pumpkin seeds are the BEST for deworming your dogs.   The fact that it was just Halloween makes that very convenient, doesn't it?  (And yes, this IS separate from our all time favorite CANNED pumpkin gem!)

-- String cheese is the BEST way to manage epilepsy in dogs.  (I forgot to find out which kind of string cheese - oops)

-- AT&T offers a Qi data transfer discount to vets who treat animals via the phone lines.   Even better, your dog's "chi" can be "unblocked" via the phone lines.  Yep.  Takes a lot of data transfer though.  You read it here first, folks.

-- Vets are supposed to be able to determine purebred from non-purebred pups...  in utero.  As in, "can you please make her abort only the mutts and not the purebreds since she tied with two different boys?"

-- Condom juice (ONLY from newly opened condoms, mind you) and moose grease (yes, moose grease) is apparently the absolute best lubricant and treatment for the eye.  Not eye drops, you fools.  (and for your reading pleasure, here's the real story)

-- I think we ALL know that used motor oil treats mange.   Best. Treatment. Ever.   Don't waste your money on stuff like Ivermectin.

-- STOP giving the Ruffles potato chips to your dog.  Everybody knows chips give dogs heartworms.

-- Sibling dogs and cats won't breed.  Nope.  They know better than to do that.

--  Vaccines work by infecting the animal with the disease so they can poop out the virus, thus infecting those around them, leading to natural immunity.  Bet ya'll didn't know THAT one!!

Keep 'em coming....  and Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!


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    1. Unfortunately for VBB it was removed by the author some time back. It was a good one though wasn't it?? Drag!

  2. Ah bummer! I was trying to show a friend. It was one of the funniest things I've ever read.

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