Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Our Failing Society

I wanted to post this video for all the people out there who think our job is easy, who think we are overpaid, who think we don't deserve what we get. 

This was a neglect case that I saw a while back.  This dog died.  It broke my heart into a zillion pieces.  This dog was entirely covered in ants and maggots when he presented, and what you are seeing is a huge hole in his back, filled with maggots.  He had wounds over most of his body that were infected, and he was septic.  But dammit he died without pain, in a world pumped full of morphine.  Thank god we were there for him.

I wish I could pump the owner full of morphine.  Too much morphine.  Oh, and she was a PA.  Yep, a physicians assistant.

What was even more sad, was that I TRIED to get this owner into trouble, to no avail. 

You can judge the quality of a society by how well it's animals are treated.  I think our society is in trouble.


  1. That is so incredibly sad. Thanks for making the dog comfortable before he passed on.

  2. This is the only part of the job that breaks my heart anymore. There isn't enough trouble in the world to even the score for the piece of shit that would do this or the other horrors I've seen done to animals.

  3. that is absolutely horrific, a person in the healthcare field.......I would've expected better. Hope the dog at least had as little sad.....

  4. Imagine what the bed sores look like on the PA's patients. I just hope the nursing staff where she works is smarter and kinder. My nurse friend is amazing and since he is a big guy that can just about lift a car AND is very sensitive the "orders" say.

    Oh, and for a moment, I thought that you might have left out the "I" in pain in ass, PIA that we all know and love to see walking away.

  5. I f-ing hate people sometimes. Saw maggots deep in a dog's coat last week. Euth'd. Not the first, nor the last time....I think I need to see a puppy now ;-p

  6. Morphine is too good for the owner.