Wednesday, August 14, 2013

We're SAVED!!

I know it can seem to be all doom and gloom in our profession these days.  We are in a rough economy, there are too many vets and not enough work.  Our new grads are coming out with mammoth, crushing debt loads.  Many of us will lose our health care coverage in a few months.  Things appear to be pretty bleak. 

(In AVMA's defense, they only had 33 months to figure out how to keep us covered before they announced we were being dumped.  It's not like they could have actually, you know, tried to find an alternative carrier or anything.)

And in the midst of this, many feel that our professional association, AVMA, has been worse than useless.

Their response has been to fund a new position for diversity and international relations at an undisclosed cost to us.  Don't you look at your books at the end of the month and say "You know what this practice needs?  More diversity and international business!"? I know I sure do!

They have also decided to spend almost a hundred grand of our money to determine if we need a new logo.  Plus about the same to implement.  Now I know some of you are muttering to yourselves something about lipstick and a pig, but you shouldn't.  That would be unfair to the pig, it would smell better than this does. 

So we feel a bit gloomy, and with some reason.  But take heart, my colleagues, AVMA has finally found a solution to our woes!! They have released something that will make your heart soar!

We have, wait for it............

A new veterinary computer game!!!

Not only is it a game, it is an excellent soporific!  I have insomnia, and by the end of the 3rd level, my head almost hit my laptop.  As a bonus, if you are so brain dead that you can stay awake to the end of the 5th level, you are automatically nominated to the AVMA board!!

Seriously AVMA?  Are you friggin kidding me?  How much did this little gem cost?  And if you are going to spend my money, couldn't you have at least have made it an interesting game?  Did you even bother testing this on any actual kids?

I know I am not in the target age group of the game, but I can revert to 10 years old in an instant.  Just ask my wife.  I may be an old fart, but I love online games.  Trust me, no kid will play this unless you grant dispensation from taking the trash out or mowing the yard as long as they play.  Even with that, any kid will be begging to do chores within an hour, rather than play this crap. 

Your job is to look out for our profession.  Under your watch, enrollment and tuitions have skyrocketed.  Nearly a fifth of us are losing our insurance, and still can get no definite answers from you months after you promised.  Your response has been BS of varying degrees. 

I did not think it possible for a group of educated, allegedly smart, allegedly functional adults could be so out of touch, so delusional.  Until now.


  1. Why don't you tell us how you really feel ? :P

  2. Some organization has been inviting me to play an online game on MS treatment against other neurologists. Like I have time for such shit.

  3. Actually, Grumpy MD, that sort of thing can be a really valuable method for crowdsourcing the solution of complex problems. Check out FoldIt and Zooniverse

    Neither of those are aimed at a professional community, but I can see where a well done competitive platform could be used to gamify learning neurology, or resolving complex cases or advancing understanding of ...something, I don't know, I hate neurology. I'm damn glad you people exist so I don't have to deal with it.

    But, that's not what this game is aimed at, I digress.

  4. AVMA what a disappointment..I am a member for 41 years..please get back on track !