Thursday, February 27, 2014

Canine Craziness

Sometimes people just say the darnedest things.  It makes me giggle, sometimes for days.

In this case, it was my own husband.

I have one of those neurotic, crazy mixed breed little dogs that also happens to be kind of a clown.  Given his particular mix, he could easily slip into various OCD behaviors, so we try to be diligent in redirecting his attention when he seems to consider "going there."

The other day, after a particularly fun time of hauling toys around the house, pulling blankets off the bed in feeble attempts to get me to chase him with said blanket, he started jumping in the air and acting like a nut - which he does often, because he knows that doing various tricks will often end up with him getting some sort of reward.  He's really good at trying to figure what tricks will get him these rewards, in fact.   He's got me trained very well.  Being only 12 lbs, his cuteness usually wins out.

During this super surge of energy,  he started chasing his tail.  Now, we all know this isn't really a good thing to encourage, so after getting over the initial laughter, you have to really watch how you respond so you can redirect them and convince them they really don't need to be chasing their tail.

My husband, however, took a different approach.  I was cracking up watching HIM more than anything, because he'd never seen our dog do this.

His response? 


Then he looked at me and told me go "GIVE THAT DOG A PILL!"

He was joking, of course. 

I'm still laughing.

(After all of the emotions this week, and the assaults on our beloved profession, I thought I'd interject something fun here)

(In fact, I'm pretty damned proud of how all of us have rallied around this tragedy and are working together to force the changes needed to stop the cyberbullying of us all.  RIP Shirley Koshi.)

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