Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Fully funded!

We have received a message regarding the Suicide Awareness webinar funding. Great news!!
Thanks to everyone who sent money to cover the RACE accreditation fee for the Veterinary Suicide Awareness and Prevention webinar. The webinar is scheduled for May; I will send a note with the final date to the blog administrators, so they can pass it along as they did the appeal.  
The appeal worked.  We received over twice the needed amount!

The additional funds will be used for additional prevention efforts.  What do you all think of this idea: commissioning a pendant that could be worn as an awareness tool.  It could be an interesting piece that could be used to open conversations about this difficult topic when people ask about it.  

It could also be worn by those at risk, a physical reminder always within reach that there is a whole community of people who care about them.
People who care  so much they will send money sight unseen to a total stranger :)  

Thanks again to the many generous people who responded to the appeal.
Eden Myers DVM
You guys ROCK! It's so great that you all opened your hearts and your wallets to help fund this program. Seriously, we are overwhelmed by your generosity.

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