Thursday, May 3, 2012

Presenting complaint haiku

"His poo-poo smells bad."
Are you fucking kidding me?
Like YOURS doesn't smell?

"My dog laid an egg."
No it did not, you're confused.
That's a placenta.

"I think she hates me!"
I'm so sorry to hear that.
And, I'm not surprised.

"She pees on the floor"
She's 24, ma'am.
She only has one nephron.

"He ate my homework,
and I need to turn it in."
Here! Take him to school!


  1. Well done.

    (In grade 1 the dog did indeed eat my son's homework, the teacher and I got a laugh out of that one :)

  2. Here is a ziplock
    To collect your homework as
    It departs the rear

  3. I've also seen the presenting complaint that his poo smells bad, and I'm still puzzled as to what the expectation was.