Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Shed a Little Positive Light....

One of our readers asked a very good question.  They wanted to know what are some of the shining lights in this profession - what is it that we still enjoy?

So I'm challenging the authors - including myself - to pull up our bootstraps and try to come up with some positive thinking for a few posts. 

Let's see...

I'll never get sick of puppies.  Even when they are naughty.  I love their breath, their fat little puppy feet (like those of dachshunds), their clean, perfect little ears (like baby hound dogs), the way they smell (except their butts - those don't smell good) and the way they are just these fresh, new perfect little beings.

I love how dog feet smell like Fritos.  They just do.

I'll never get sick of kittens.  Even when they are naughty.   Their complexity that is perfection in a tiny little killing machine.  Even when they wouldn't hurt a fly.  The way they will stalk and hunt and jump straight up in the air at seemingly nothing.

I'll never get sick of my senior pets.  Especially the ones I've known for their whole lives.  There's just a special place in my heart, even when they are old and grumpy and want to bite me.  In fact, I get more worried when my old grumpy patients quit being grumpy with me, because I know they are trying to tell me something.  I know those signs well.

I love some of my really good clients, who never refer to me as "just another vet" but rather call me their friend, hug me, tell me to take a day off, and show genuine concern about MY life.  Like I do theirs.  I am honored when I see their pets as puppies, spay or neuter them, nurse them through illnesses, and then get to ease them with their passing to the other side.  There honestly is no greater honor than that.

True, there is a lot of negativity with this job.  Many of us more seasoned vets are jaded - dealing with the public with the level of emotion that we do, it wears us down.  And sometimes we feel really tired.

But yeah, there are some really cool things about it.  Like those darned Doxie feet.  I'll never get sick of those.   :)


  1. Mmm dog foot frito smell. Some cat feet have that smell too - my cat does, anyway.

    Kitten smell is the best smell in the world ~ even better than newborn baby smell.

  2. Blessed are the veterinarians, for they are the healers of my best friends.

  3. I love when a new therapy or treatment regimen that I try makes a world of difference for a patient and delights their owner. Last month I saw a dog new to our clinic, an elderly and severely arthritic Lab. The owners' initial response to my suggesting pain management was to dismiss the dog's slowness and stiffness as "just age," but I convinced them to try pain meds for a month. They called up for a refill today ecstatic because their senior dog is acting like a puppy again. I *love* little moments like that, when you truly feel like you've made a difference.

  4. Oooh. I also love when big ol' boy dogs (neutered or not) come in with pink toenails, because the little girl in the house just *had* to paint them. And you know that dog sat there, happy as a clam.

    1. One of my all time favorite patients was an old lab. His owner loved to dress him up in outfits and take pictures of him to show her friends (some are on the wall at the hospital). In every picture -coconut bra, astronaut, veterinarian with his own picture name tag-he had the same, perfect, bemused expression. "I look silly but it makes her so happy..."

  5. I love the science, the puzzles, and the high-stakes games of diagnosis and treatment. Love mastering complicated surgical procedures, and learning new diagnostic skills. I love intelligent, motivated clients without a chip on their shoulder or an ax to grind, and yes, they are honestly the majority of my clients.

    There are ups and downs every day, but if it was all horrible I'd be driving a truck by now.

  6. I love my colleagues that I depend on daily for comic relief, medical opinions, continuing education, and stress relief.

  7. Here is another vote for puppies & corn chip feet. Especially in beagles. Love a really cool diagnosis that I can actually treat. Love seeing patients that enter the hospital feeling crummy & leave feeling good. Love those long "new client" appointments with great new clients who are eager to hear & follow my recommendations. Love puppies with corn chip feet...yep had to say it again. ;)