Friday, June 1, 2012

Animal Practice

Ok, I love some comedy.  Scrubs?  Loved it!  Spaced?  Oh yeah!  But I am twitching a bit as a watch the trailers for the new NBC comedy, Animal Practice.  I mean, Tyler Labine, I have loved since Reaper (a comedy that did not get enough credit).  Justin Kirk, of Weeds fame, is both cute and funny.  However, what strikes me as really weird is that there are three doctors, all of which are MALE.  That might sound whiney, but really people, my class, as with most vet classes are 75% female!  Get some female vets in there.  I think you might find inspiration in our side bar.  (Amanda (cough) Brown)

And turtle races?  They totally happen.  And sometimes we dress up our sedated animals for the owner's amusement.  Sometimes those kitties even "hold up" the store across the street and a kind policeman plays along and arrests said kitty.  The hand cuffs didn't fit, but the look on the owner's face was totally worth it.  But it means that we always have to come up with something new and different each year.

Monkeys in surgery?  Only if they are being operated on.  And much as I love to see that the vet is using a cap and gown (better than that backwards Dr. Pol), I would like to see masks and have the emotion seen in the eyes of the actor.  Maybe they haven't had that class yet.  Maybe they need to watch more Grey's.  I dunno.  Maybe the show will be the bee's knees.  Or maybe it will get cut after 8 shows.  I will watch as I am sure many vets will.  At least with this show, I don't have to cry about a poor shocky dog attack puppy that I might have been able to say because it is a comedy.  But if you steal our stories, you're going down NBC!!!!


  1. Good luck. The only TV series ever based on my field was cancelled after 3 shows.

  2. Looks like their idea was to put scrubs in a animal hospital with jd and a monkey instead of jd and turk.

  3. I could come up with something along the lines of House. Bitchy vet, weirdly right. Sociopath. Lying clients. I could totally write that.