Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Know When to Shut Up

At the ER this weekend, we had a case with a family involved. There was a mom, and a dad, and a particularly good little boy.

As we were finishing up, I asked the boy how old he was. He proudly held up four fingers. He added "Then I'll be five, then I'll be six,..." etc. When he got to ten or so, I asked him, without thinking, if he could count up to my age.

The lad looked shocked for a moment, then said "NO!"

I should know better by now.


  1. Yeah, never ask how many candles you get, either.

  2. Ah, but you're smiling now, aren't you? (Aren't you?)

  3. What way? The engaging the kids, totally appropriate way? Or the spamming other people's blogs with your website way?

  4. Overheard a group of students in lab yesterday (I teach Veterinary Technology) playing the "guess the instructor's age" game. One (very young) student said, "I think she's 27." God bless my students :)