Thursday, March 7, 2013

Diagnosis: idiot!

From the VBB mailbag, I bring you Dr. Happyvet's tale of woe:

Joe Doglover has a dog named Mutt. Mutt has had a few health problems for a while, so Joe takes Mutt to Dr. Happyvet.  Using her powerful diagnostic skills, Dr. Happyvet determines that Mutt suffers from “sickdogosis,” and requires continued treatment.   Treatment is prescribed, but sadly the Mutt does not improve, as Joe either decides not to treat Mutt, or forgets to give the medication. Instead, Mutt gets worse. 
Chart review reveals that sickdogosis  has been noted three times in the file. The last time Mutt was seen, sickdogosis was "discussed extensively with owner". Specifically, a treatment plan was laid out, with appropriate diet and medication sent home. Prices to further work up sickdogosis at external labs were relayed to the owner - the record contains copies of these estimates. A few articles regarding possible underlying diagnoses, additional medical treatments, management methods and possible outcomes of sickdogosis were sent home with Joe on multiple occasions. These articles were discussed while sitting next to Joe, and relevant points were highlighted in front of him. A summary was written on another sheet of paper and given to Joe, with a copy retained for inclusion in the medical record.   
After a while, Joe stopped coming in, and there were no additional updates on Mutt. A few weeks later, a records transfer request arrives at the clinic. Reason given?  "Dr. Happyvet is incompetent for failing to recognize that Mutt had sickdogosis."
          I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.


  1. That's where your crystal ball comes into play......

  2. The things that you see in a veterinary locations near near Barrie are amazing.

  3. God bless a complete medical record.

  4. You can't make them listen when they don't want to hear.

  5. Quote from Futurama for en ending, great.