Friday, March 1, 2013

Not cheaper by the dozen!

Sitting in my office, I can hear the receptionist out front on the phone with a caller. This is what I heard just now:

[ring, ring]

Receptionist: Hello, VBB Animal Hospital, how can I help you? [pause] Yes, we do boarding. [pause] Absolutely we do. Hang on let me see - yes, there's room that week. [pause] How many cats? NINE cats? Well that would be $22/cat/night. Yes. Yes, that's $198/night inclusive. No, there's no group discount. So have we seen these cats before? [pause] Oh you just moved to the area a year ago, I understand, but has any veterinarian seen these cats before? [pause] Well, we can't board them unless they are up to date on their vaccines. No, no. We cannot sell you the vaccines. Yes, even if they are indoors only, they can't stay here if they aren't up to date on their vaccines. [pause] Well they would need an examination so the veterinarian is sure they are healthy and free from infectious disease and parasites, and then they would need vaccines, and if you hang on I can get you an estimate - ah, yeah, that's what I thought. Well, pets are expensive. I know. I'm sorry. [pause] Actually I do know. Actually I take off one day a week to watch my grandson exactly because daycare is so expensive. But, the cost of daycare isn't really something that we take into account when we set our fees. [pause] You might have better luck finding a petsitter to come to your house. [pause] I don't know what else to tell you. [pause] Well you have a nice day too, maybe someone can call you at work and curse you out for doing your job. Thanks for your inquiry. Goodbye.

[slams down phone]

Is it any wonder people burn out in these jobs?


  1. I'd love my job even more if it weren't for the public...

  2. Thanks for the laugh, even if it is at our own expense. I love my job, I swear I do, but please, can someone tell me how people can be so rude? Who acts like this? And why is it so common? I remind my poor abused receptionists daily that we are better people because we know how to NOT ACT toward others. Shameful.

    But I also swear that everyday of my professional life I have to remind myself to not burn out.

    "Do onto others..." Maybe I should have that as my on hold ads, and just put these screamers on hold a whole lot more??