Friday, March 29, 2013

He likes WHAT?

We get all types at VBB Animal Hospital. Today's 10:00 was a new patient of the feline persuasion, and he was hunkered down in his top-opening-carrier. I reached in to take him out, gripping the scruff of the neck firmly with one hand, and using my other hand to support his body weight under the thorax, with his abdomen resting on my arm. The 20something female client was amazed!

Client: WOW! You can pick him up like that?
Me: Yep!
Client: I've heard people talk about grabbing the scruff, but I've never tried it.
Me: well, it works well for us. I find that sometimes it even causes the cat to relax a little.
Client: That makes sense, because, you know - he likes being choked.
Me: [glances at TBB, looks at client] What was that?
Client: You know, he likes being choked. Not, like, to cut off his breathing or anything! just, you know, kind of gently.
Me: Oh. Well, generally choking is not something we recommend, I'm not sure if I'm misunderstanding or-
Client: Oh, this is coming out all wrong. I just mean, you know, he likes it if I squeeze him around the neck, just gently, you know.
Me: well, I'm not sure that I do know, but, as long as he seems to tolerate whatever it is you are doing, and isn't resisting in any way, or having any trouble breathing at any time, I guess it's ok.
Client: Good, because he really likes it.

I hope this cat doesn't come in with evidence of upper respiratory obstruction any time soon. But the owner really didn't seem like a crazy weirdo. She seemed like a totally normal person - aside from the strange remarks.

Of course as soon as she left, everyone started wondering if she had any chickens. Ba dum dum (ching).


  1. "He especially likes being choked if I wear a leather bondage suit, and put him in a codpiece."

  2. She is using him as her little slave. :)