Friday, December 30, 2011


"Have you ever taken your dog to the vet to have his teeth cleaned?"

"No.  I just have the groomer brush them."

"How often is that?"

"Every 6 to 8 weeks.  Sometimes they do a dental when he's awake."

"Really?  So they didn't mention to you that this tooth right here that's sideways, isn't *supposed* to be sideways?"

"No, they didn't say anything about it.  I just noticed he was having some trouble chewing his food."

"Well aren't you astute.  His canine tooth is falling out.  He needs about 30 extractions and he's 12 years old with a heart murmur.  You just made my job a lot harder and with a lot more risk, and this is gonna take about 2-3 hours to complete."

"Can't you just pull the loose tooth?

"That would be negligence and malpractice on my part because the rest of your dog's mouth is a grade 4 out of 4 with severe oral disease.  He needs to have most of his teeth extracted or there is no point in doing any of it."

"You just want my money!   You don't love animals!  Or else you'd take care of my dog's mouth for free!"

"What?  I am simply telling you what needs to be done.  It is your decision if you want to do it or not."

"I can't believe you actually want to charge me money to take care of my dog.  You mean money grubbing vet!  I bet you drive a Mercedes don't you!"

"Actually, I drive a Kia."

"Whatever, I love my dog so much and you won't help me.  Just put him to sleep."

"That would be my pleasure, just so I can get him away from human slime like you."

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