Saturday, December 31, 2011

The customer is sometimes wrong.

There is a woman standing at the reception desk right now. She is telling the receptionist that she just stopped by to lodge a complaint. She is very upset.

Receptionist: I'm so sorry to hear that, ma'am. What seems to be the problem?
Client: Well - you know, I made an appointment to bring in my cat. I made the appointment 2 months in advance. It was for last week.
Receptionist: OK. Was there a problem with your appointment?
Client: Yes! I made the appointment with Dr. Underground, but when I arrived, they made me see Dr. Stillalive!
Receptionist: Hmmm. You say you made this appointment recently?
Client: No! I made it two months ago!
Receptionist: Well, yes. But, relative to Dr. Underground's death, I mean, you made it recently. Dr. Underground died a few years ago. It's not possible that you made an appointment to see him since then.
Client: What? He died? Why wasn't I informed? This is terrible. Does this mean I can't reschedule to see him next week?


  1. You should have phoned her immediately upon his death; she should have been the first one called! Did she accuse you of scheduling her with a deceased vet on purpose?

  2. @Neurosci No. She didn't make that accusation. She accused of us "bait and switch," alleging that we failed to tell her on the phone that Dr. Underground was deceased, even though she explicitly requested an appointment with him. Trust me - that didn't happen. I mean, people call for Dr. Underground a lot, and no one ever fails to explain the situation.