Friday, December 30, 2011

It's dog-eat-dog.

Yesterday I sat on my ass. In the middle of the afternoon, got a call from someone we hadn't seen since 2006... cat vomiting for "last two or three months," now urinating on floor of kitchen. Time to put the cat to sleep.

Nope, hasn't been anywhere else. I told my OM "Well, at the very least I'll probably end up keeping it since it was a great cat, fixing it, and finding it a home."

"Oh, no you won't. She demands to be present. She wants to witness it when you kill it. She's calling around for prices and going to the cheapest one. I'm afraid she might call back."

So here I sit... no money. Shitbag wants to kill her nice cat that is, in all likelihood, treatable. For the past ten years I would have told her to get bent... but I was prepared to do a convenience euthanasia because it was the only way I could keep the lights on.

She never called back. There's competition for convenience euthanasias now.

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