Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Ball Bells

Well gang, this is my first post to VBB.  I have been hanging around VBB Cental for awhile, and they finally decided I was warped enough to contribute.  Let the games begin!

Speaking of doing things with testicles...(which we do at VBB Central) a good friend and client of mine gave me a little gift one Christmas.  I had neutered her beloved dog, Murphy.  Being the great veterinarian and friend that I am, I place those BIG buggers in a formalin jar, and sent them home as a parting gift.  Little did I know that they would come back to me, along with this cute poem.

A couple of Christmas ornaments for you to put on your tree.
You may remember seeing these before, you took them from me!
I saved them for a little while hoping they might bring me luck,

But look what happened to them - they all shriveled up!!!
I can no longer lick them and that really sucks
And I've come to realize now I can't even F**K!
So I'm passing on to you my little holiday nuts
Maybe as a warning to all those other mutts,
Who come thru your clinic door to see you Dr. No
This this maybe the last time they lift their leg to go!
I do hope you enjoy these little Christmas bells,
And thank you for taking care of me so well!
My little sac is now empty, a little fuzzy pouch,
My pecker no longer dribbles so I can now lay on the couch.
They'll no longer get blue or make me run away,
So thank you Dr. No and have a Happy Holiday!!

Love, Murphy

Yes, it was painted and glittered!


  1. That's awesome and awful in equal measure.

  2. I guess you can play "Carol of the Balls" this year.

  3. That is FANTASTIC!! I love the sense of humor!!!! I have one of my dogs testicles still in the formalin jar.... Now.... I'm wondering.... :) How did she dry them, just curious! :)