Thursday, September 20, 2012

Hearing voices?

Like many other professional offices, VBB Central has a television in the waiting room. Generally, ours is tuned into something relatively benign - the local news, one of those annoying morning shows, or a loop of animal-health-related videos. It's not something I ever really pay any attention to.

Today, when I walked into the building, the caught my attention. You know those TV ads by ambulance-chasing lawyers? Where you have this vaguely ominous sounding guy saying "Have you ever experienced night sweats, disfiguring acne, and crippling toe pain? If so, and you've taken mistakeomycin, CALL IMMEDIATELY, to take part in a class action lawsuit! ONCE AGAIN, if YOU have SUFFERED THE EFFECTS of MISTAKEOMYCIN, PICK UP THE PHONE AND CALL NOW!" Well.... I heard a similar type of ad this morning. I looked at the TV & saw what appeared to be a row of beds in a hospital taking up half the screen, and some text scrolling on the other side. The voiceover was the same vaguely ominous sounding guy from the lawyer ads, but he was soliciting patients for some kind of research study at a local hospital. He was saying something along the lines of "are you between the ages of 18-25? Have you been diagnosed with schizophrenia for at least the past 2 years? If so, PICK UP THE PHONE and CALL NOW to enroll in our new study! Again, if YOU are suffering from SCHIZOPHRENIA, don't delay! PICK UP THE PHONE and CALL NOW!"

I swear to dog, all I could think was "OMG, some dude with schizophrenia is going to call his psychiatrist and tell him his TV is talking to him, and the psychiatrist won't know that the dude's TV *was actually talking to him!*"

I don't know, it just seemed to me perhaps not the best method of recruitment for patients with this truly tragic illness.


  1. "If you are suffering from schizophrenia, you DON'T need to pick up the phone and call. We know exactly where you are, what you're doing, and who you're thinking about."

  2. "It's not something to which I ever really pay any attention." Just sayin;)(ducking and running now)