Thursday, September 27, 2012


On the lighter side, a friend of ours is having a problem in her practice with zombie puppies. She explains:

We had a recent phone call that had me scratching my head.

Mrs Necro Whelper: My dog was pregnant, but she died before the puppies were born. Only one of the puppies survived. I've had him since he was two days old. He's 18 days old now, but his eyes are still not open. Should I be concerned?
Technician: I can't say without seeing the puppy. I would recommend that you bring him in to be examined by the doctor.
Mrs Necro Whelper: Oh, I don't have the funds for that. click
The technician told me about the call. Problem one: WHAT HAPPENED TO THE BITCH? Seems like important background info! Problem two: if it was the caller's bitch, how is it that she has only had the surviving puppy since he was two days old? Who had him when he was one day old?? Was he BORN two days old? Obviously the only rational explanation for a 2 day old puppy being born from a dead dog: zombie puppy. The technician and I agreed that neither of us were experienced enough with zombie puppies to know when they open their eyes.


  1. I don't have a witty comment this early in the mornig, but look forward to an update......hehe.

  2. Well a couple of nights ago, my dog started eating the brains out of her dog toys--there was green dog toy brains everywhere, then a a day ago she started hiding under the bed, and now growls for brains everytime I come by. Do you think she has become a zombie? Do you think I should have mentioned the brains to the vet? I only told him about the hiding and back pain--maybe the diagnosis would have been different if he knew about the desire to eat brains?

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  3. In my reception area one day, one of my police K-9 officers on his cell phone with another K-9 officer who was headed to the neighboring city on loan to do a drug sniff on the car. The car was the crime scene in which the driver had been shot dead, through the head apparently, and one suspicion to be explored was that this was a drug deal gone bad. The advice given over the phone by the one officer to the other, "Don't let the dog eat the brains." They're here!!