Monday, February 27, 2012

I can't haz bloggie :(

Well, thanks so much, but, we were beaten by that other animal blog - I Can Haz Cheezburger. I suppose it's kinda crazy we were even in the same category. Maybe 2013 will be our year? Vote early and often! Ha ha.

In other news, I've been taking care of a family member's pet lately. As previously discussed, I hate, loathe, and detest this type of situation. That said, so far, it's going ok (fingers crossed, ptui ptui ptui, salt over shoulder, etc etc). The kitty in question has fatty liver disease, and his liver enzymes have decreased by half in 3 weeks, and he's maintained his weight and hydration status nicely. It's an interesting situation, because without going into too much detail there is a somewhat complicated backstory on both the kitty side and the human owner side. Here's hoping he continues to do well.

Post-Vegas re-entry kind of sucked. That's probably why it's a little quiet here at VBB central. Jet lag, wishing I were back in Fantasyland, you know how it is.

Today when I walked the puppy, she picked up a dead snake on the sidewalk and tried to give it to me. I've pretty much stayed in that kind of mood all day.


  1. Yes, but in her mind she's showing that she loves you!

  2. Ugh, I do not enjoy family patients. My MIL left her little lap dog in my care while she ventured on a trip for the first time since losing her beloved husband. The dog needed vaccines and I administered them. After the rabies, he had a seizure and flipped over, dead. I started epi, an IV, atropine, CPR, etc.. We got his heart started and breathed for him for about 10 hours. He eventually regained consciousness. All that I could manage to share with my most excellent MIL was that he had an allergic reaction to the vaccine--never could tell her that he died.

  3. The great thing about dogs is that they're not real big utilizers of their cerebral cortex; hence anoxic brain damage can often result in no detectable changes in personality or behaviour :)

  4. I've just learnt that I'm not getting a job I really wanted (nothing to do with medicine or vets) and I've been reading the blog. The way you write has me in stitches. Thanks!