Saturday, February 4, 2012

You Don't Know Sh*t

I saw a dog the other day. Nice dog, nice owners.  The poor dog had been having diarrhea since the previous night.  As the technician and I were taking the history of the dog, the owner said "Oh, wait.  I have pictures!"  The owner pulled out her smart phone, and went into her photo album.  She had pictures of the diarrhea, all nicely date and time stamped.  She also had pictures of the dog's stools from the last two weeks.  Yes, kids, that's right.  She had pictures of every piece of feces that this dog had passed in the last two weeks.  Date and time stamped.  Right there on her phone.

I can understand the photos of the diarrhea.  I can see how that may be helpful.  I don't get the "I take a picture of every dump my dog takes, and save them for two weeks."  I think the poor woman may be a little, well, anal.


  1. We have had a client like that, but without pictures. A poop journal. We called it the Fecal Ball Diaries.

  2. My sister took a picture of her cat's diarrhea for me to look at, and I encouraged her to show the photo to our vet after seeing it myself. While taking pictures of every single bowel movement is slightly overdoing it, I do encourage clients to take a photo or video of something their pet does that might concern them. Examples would be possible seizure activity that does not manifest while in front of a veterinarian, or diarrhea that is too watery to bring a sample in (or happens after hours; no one wants to keep smelly diarrhea in their fridge overnight).