Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I'm not talking to you.

This morning at VBB hospital, a new client brought in her cat to be spayed. The cat was in heat and her behavior was bothering the people in the house. As is our protocol at VBB hospital, the technician greeting the client and her cat, brought them into an exam room, took the usual history, got the pet's weight, temperature, pulse, and respirations, presented the client with an estimate, and discussed the procedure.

As the technician was wrapping up, she said, "Ok, I'll be right back with the doctor."
Client: "Wait, you're not the doctor?"
Technician: "No."
Client: "Well, I only talk to one person a day."

The client signed all the paperwork and left.

I wish I only had to talk to one person a day......


  1. Huh... that's weird. One person a day. That's really weird, and probably very, very difficult.

  2. If that is the kind of person that she is, it is probably better that she limit herself to speaking with one person a day.

  3. WTF? Like the Little Mermaid, where her voice is kept somewhere, so she can only use it at certain times?

  4. How odd! Some sort of OCD behavior perhaps?

  5. So her cat gets to go through heat, then pregnancy and labor, just so the owner doesn't get a tongue cramp. Wait til I tell my cats.