Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Things we learned in Vegas (open thread)

1. One can walk down the Strip at any hour, bwak-ing like a chicken pretty loudly, and no one will even look at you funny in any way.

2. Loudly saying "pus-filled uterus" at dinner probably gets you written up on the Busboys Behaving Badly blog.

3. Champagne cocktails TID would make the average workday a lot more tolerable.

4. There are a lot of people who don't own mirrors or have any true friends to stop them from being seen in public looking like that.

5. If you're gonna boldly wear that micro-micro-minidress without any panties, do us all a favor & get a bikini wax first.

Tell us, esteemed colleague: what are your lessons from Vegas?


  1. My lessons from Vegas: Forget the good shoes. Take the comfy ones. Your feet will be thankful.

    Never had this bad hurting feet since then...
    But the memories remain - four high school graduate girls sitting on the edge of the bathtub moaning patheticly....

  2. Never been to Vegas, but uh, #4? That's got POWM written all over it;)

  3. Leopard print and blue eyeshadow always good on the Strip, day or night.

  4. No mention of the guys handing out "Hot Co-Eds want YOU! Call 1-888-FUK-SUZY" cards everywhere you walk on the strip?

  5. Heard the bull riding was fun.....

  6. An addendum to #4: even the non-vet friends you brought along to Vegas don't need to ask whether the conference attendees at Mandalay are there for the veterinary or the fashion conference. Also, I learned how to play craps. :-)

  7. My two lessons are Yes, get the massage. It's worth every penny after that many hours in a hot rental car with less than optimal ergonomic seating. No, do not get the second footlong margarita! The first one hasn't kicked in yet and the second one will give you brain-freeze together with a level of intoxication not at all intended witch in turn will make you look like popeye on all the pictures.

  8. Wear your hiking boots. If you're a guy, put your hands in your pockets as you walk down the Strip. Otherwise, you''ll be overloaded with "in your room in 20 min cards". Figure how much you need to eat on. Double it. Never lick a baby's butt when there are "friends" with cameras.