Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Taxi service ?

During the usual nite in the ER, we get the chocolate eating dogs & the HBC pets & so on. We had a lady call about her sick dog & I overheard the receptionist talking to her.

Recep. listens to the story about what the pet is doing. Lady asks her for directions to our ER. She gives her detailed instructions.

The lady then tells her she doesn't have any transportation. Recep tells lady to call a cab or friend. Lady wants to know why we don't have a pickup service for these situations.

Oh, she doesn't get paid till Friday.



  1. An older ghostbusters style ambulance would be a creative advertising method

  2. We're still scratching our heads wondering why someone would ask for detailed directions to the ER, when they have no transportation.

  3. "Oh, and when you're on the way back with my dog, can you stop at Ropinerolli's and get me a large cheese pizza with onions and sausage? There's a grocery store across the street, so if you could pick up some cigs, sharp cheddar, and a case of Coors I could use that. I also have some dry cleaning I'd like you to drop off."

  4. I finally took the hitch off my truck, because I can't tell you how many times I've been asked by people who have horses and no trailer if I couldn't just trailer the horse in to the clinic for them. At least now I have an easy excuse.

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