Sunday, February 12, 2012


Wanted to share what I found to be a particular giggly kind of day here at the VBB this week.

Had a really great client call in for an exam for his dog.  Just a wellness exam, no biggee.  But when he arrived at the clinic, my staff came running to me telling me we had to change the plans and have him go around back to the exam room we have for contagious animals.  I asked why, and they informed me that the dog had obviously been sprayed by a skunk and was really stinking up the lobby.  They had to open the windows to let some fresh air in!

So I said OK, and went around back into the room.   A little skunk spray isn't gonna kill me.  And my own dogs have been sprayed multiple times, so I wasn't too concerned.  I was, however, concerned about the dog's well being (direct hit skunk spray can cause harm) so I wanted to make sure we took good care of him.

Upon entering, I realized the dog was doing GREAT.  Bouncing around, happy, not squinting his eyes or anything that you often see when they take a direct hit to the face. 

So I bent down to check him out, when it "hit" me.

Doggy hadn't been sprayed by a skunk.   The owner hadn't been sprayed either.

Nope.  This wasn't that type of skunk.  This was THAT type of skunk.  You know, good ol' Mary Jane.  Doobage.  Reefer.  Happy Plant.

Yep, the owner was sooooo high on some really high quality marijuana that he literally reeked of it, and my staff didn't recognize the smell - it is called "skunk" for a reason.  And yes, it smells just like a skunk.

So after some really good laughs, and after a particularly lovely conversation with the extremely happy owner (he told me he looooooved me) I found the doggy to be fine and normal and no other problems were noted.  Thank god he wasn't sharing with the dog!   He wasn't, and all was well, and we sent them on their way.

I also realized at that point in time why someone else drove him.   :)


  1. "I hope you brought enough to share!"

  2. Did you bring enough to share with the class?

  3. Your skunks must smell way different than northern Michigan skunks. Because marijuana smells NOTHING like skunk. Makes me wonder what you were smoking when you blogged?? :-))

    1. There's a certain strain of MJ that truly smells like skunk. When I was staying at a Motel 6 one of the long-term motel residence smoked it quite often, and it took me a bit to figure it out, lol. What I was really unhappy about was that both my room and this neighbor's room were in the non-smoking part of the motel. And for the record, my dog always smelled better than his dog, lol.

  4. I only recently learned of the connection. Walking down a street I smelled skunk, odd as not common around here. When I remarked upon it my worldly friend pointed out the house it was coming from. Apparently a grow op!

    Must have given you all a good laugh :)