Friday, January 20, 2012

From the VBB Mailbag (Guest Post)

The VBB mailbag has been filling up! Thank you so much for  your submissions and your kind words. This comes to us courtesy of Dr. Anna Moollover:

First let me start by saying since I found your blog, I read it daily.  Nice to know we are not alone in our aggravations. Keep up the good work, I LOVE it!
Secondly I have a story for you. Its a rant, I apologize, but its something we see a lot of in this area; kind of like a drop off, but the its the friend bringing in because the owner can't/won't take the dog to the vet themselves.
I had a client that came in with "his" dog for skin problems.  Pretty obvious it was mange, nothing else remarkable on physical.  The so-called owner okays a skin scrape, loaded with demodex.  Go in the room, start discussing treatment options, costs, etc.  After I get done, he pulls out a cell phone, starts dialing, and says "Here, talk to the real owner and tell them what you just told me."  WHAT?!? I thought I was already doing just that.  
I have a pet peeve of talking on cell phones due to reception, poor hearing, and who knows what is on someone else's phone, so I called the owner from the clinic and go BACK thru the entire spiel.  She then okays a heartworm test, so I have to call her back with the results.  She decides on a treatment plan, okays the cost.  The friend who brought the dog in goes to pay and refuses to pay that amount.  By this time, I'm ticked, so I asked the receptionist to call the owner yet again and get payment over the phone.  This constantly having to call an owner and get permission for tests and treatments end up making this appointment last 3 times as long as it could have if the owner would have just come along. Moral of the story: take your own dadgum dog to the vet. We really don't like having to call you because coming in was such an inconvenience to you.  
Thanks again for the blog y'all.  It really is a joy to read.

Dr. Moollover, thanks again for your support!

Oh, and just because I'm enjoying this so much, let me point you at this little gem. You're welcome!


  1. After listening to people in public restrooms constantly texting or talking on their phones, I am unlikely to use someone's phone other than my own. Have you seen the bugs cultured off of cell phones?? Nasty!

  2. I remember having a client's boyfriend bring her dog in for her. He had consent from the owner to authorize treatment in her stead and we were able to speak to her over the phone, but we asked if he would like a printout of PE findings and additional recommendations to bring home (so he wouldn't have to remember it all as there were quite a few abnormal findings). He said yes. I spent 20 minutes writing the damned thing and he didn't even bother to stick around to bring it home with him.

    So yes. Bring your darn dog in yourself.

    On a tangential note....if you have requested that a wellness exam/vaccines be done while your pet is in the clinic for the day to be groomed, you don't get to pitch a hissy fit that the exam isn't done by 2 PM. Your pet will be seen between appointments and emergencies as soon as a clinician is free. If you want a guaranteed time, make an appointment. Plus, the fact that you are too busy to take the time to show up and have a face-to-face appointment and conversation with me, your pet's doctor, does make me question your commitment to your pet's medical needs. Especially when you're shelling out $55 a pop for grooming but don't want to pay for heartworm prevention.

    1. I always love the owners that have their kids bring the dog to the vet. They usually have to either call or go home and speak to their parents before I can do any further treatment.

  3. I hate having to repeat the whole speil to the owner, spouce, etc on some nasty cell phone.