Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Little Love for NW Linemen

I've decided to hijack the blog and go off on a (nearly) complete tangent.

Since a main objective of VBBB is to voice our...displeasure?  Chagrin?  Disenchantment? the frequent lack of appreciation shown to service providers in this day and age, I'd like to shout out a HUGE thank you from the Pacific Northwest to all the brave souls who were out in the freezing rain and snow and wind, with ice-encased trees coming down around their heads, working to restore power to post-"Snowpocalypse" disaster zones.

Sure, I've been out in some nasty weather, trying to shove a 3-times-the-size-it's-supposed-to-be uterus back into a cow, or pulling a calf so dead and rotted its muscles were like fois gras.  But at least I didn't have Mother Nature trying to make me into a Vet-kabob with a hurtling spear of fir tree, and I wasn't at risk of electrocution, and I didn't have people screaming at me over the fact that they were missing the new episode of Jerkey Snore or whatever crap it is people watch on tv these days because I was taking my sweet time to do it.  Okay maybe once the dairyman laughed at me because I threw up in my mouth a little.  Comes with the territory.

So, to all the linemen, tree crews, traffic control, law enforcement, EMT's, fire crews, and everyone else working thanklessly to restore order (and give me my power back so I can catch up on all my blogs...I was getting so TWITCHY!):


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  1. That is the gospel!! After 5 days of reading outdated journals by battery lantern I was never so happy to flush a toilet in my life..... I held me self back from kissing the utility worker who drove down to check our line... He looked relieved since I resembled in look an smell something close to grizzly Adams.

    I love the PNW but this is the last year w/o a generator to run the well pump.

    BTW.. Is it absolutely mandatory that the news media make up words to sensationalize every winter storm?? Just a pet peeve.