Friday, January 27, 2012

Phone call of the day, No really, just got this one...

Receptionist: Hello Weworkforfree Animal Hospital, how may I help you

Blocked Caller ID: Do you charge to look at an animal to see what's wrong with it?

Receptionist: Yes Sir, our exam fee is $XX.xx

Blocked Caller ID: You just don't care about animals, do you....CLICK

Yes, and they charge you for and make you pay for your food at the grocery store too.......guess they don't care about people....


  1. If ever there were an OMG moment...

  2. We just had one lady yell at our receptionists because her bill for fixing her plugged cat (for the second time) was too high. "These prices make it hard for the average person to own a pet".. UH... you know what would've been cheaper? Maybe feeding the cat the food the vet recommended??

  3. I had an irate client tell me that our prices were highway robbery and should be illegal. I told her that it was a free market economy and that in our state you didn't have to be a veterinarian to own a practice. She was welcome to take out a million dollar loan and build a practice, find 2 vets willing to work all of the over night and weekend shifts as well as paraprofessional staff coverage. When she had done that, she could choose the price of all of the treatments.

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  5. Me: XYZ Animal Clinic, this is Leo's, how may I help you?

    Crazy Laydee: How much is an office visit?

    Me: A regular office call is $X's.

    Crazy Laydee: *gasp* *now laughs* Are you crazy?! You DO realize we are in a RECESSION right?! That's just crazy! Recession.. *grumblegrumblegrumble*

    Me: *gasp* Recession?!? WHA?!? NO!!

  6. Haha, I work in a low cost clinic run by an animal shelter. A cat spay cost 65.00, was asked the other day if we could do a discount because "my neighbor's cousin's stepdaughter" works at said shelter. Um, does she know you (not that it would matter). Well, no. No you may not have a discount. We do need to pay our vet and tech, both of whom have several geriatric or otherwise ailing oets of their own that need expensive care.