Saturday, January 7, 2012

They are lining up!

One day I was examining a cat for excessive licking of its anus and blood in the stool. The general examination was unremarkable, so I knew I needed to do a rectal exam as well. I don't usually do rectal exams on cats with their owners present, but there was a big rambunctious dog in the treatment area. I asked the owner, a 40 something normal looking women, if it was ok for me to do so. She agreed. The cat was calm, and the rectal exam was unremarkable. Nothing happened out of the ordinary. So why the blog entry?

The women said to me, "Wow! You are really good at that. You must have the men lining up around the corner!"

What exactly does that mean?


  1. What that means?

    That there is a big group of heterosexual men who like their anus stimulated with a finger or a certain device with or without vibration, not neccessarily touching the prostate gland.

    For some the stimulation of the sensitive area is enough..

    So in short she means that she thinks you are mighty good with giving men an organism(ahem) by fingering their 'dirty parts'