Monday, January 9, 2012

Speaking of Tests...

You scheduled an appointment with me because you are "tired of the other vet" with whom you are not happy.  You bring me a pile of records an inch thick, all related to your dog's skin condition.  You state that you wanted "a full blood panel" run and that the other vet fell down on the job and would not do it.  (which I find highly questionable)

So I peruse your records and I find, at least 5 times, where the other vet recommended this bloodwork.  They also recommended that you see a dermatologist if the condition doesn't clear up.  You told me a referral was never offered.  But, I see right here in these records, that you have refused referral and testing.  Time. And. Time. Again.

Any wonder why we pull our hair out?  Because I now know that the second I say something that annoys you, like...  if you don't treat appropriately, the condition will not improve...  that you will ask for your records and go to the NEXT vet and badmouth all of us.

Oh my why can't we have a public site where we can list client's names and tell the stories about how stupid they can be sometimes?


  1. What pisses me off is that THEY CAN. Look at any rate-a-doc/vet/whatever site.

    But we can't.

  2. You CAN! Well, not with names, but it still feels good....

  3. ...but why can't we start a site...listing deadbeats, nonpayment clients, bounced check clients, argumentative clients....I call my local colleagues and warn them about these types of people. I'll give client names and pet names....LARGE PRINT on any records we fax(since it is part of the medical record) I'll list problems we've encountered with these "psychos"

  4. I am an ex-tech. One of my dogs collapsed from what turned out to be an FCE, and I rushed him to the emergency clinic. I carried him in, tossed him to the first tech I saw, and told them to please get started on radiographs. Later the veterinarian who looked him over came out and told me that he was quite sure that it wasn't a disc issue, and didn't think radiographs were necessary. I told him to treat my dog as though he were his own. When my dog was released, I got copies of the records which said that I had declined the radiographs. WTF?

    Sure, if it's obvious that care is declined repeatedly, it's probably true. But 10 years later, I'm still bugged that it was written down that I declined treatment that I had requested and was told was unnecessary.

  5. Aimee, that would have irritated me to no end too. For anyone else that is concerned about this, contact the office of the vet immediately when you notice a problem. Without being antagonistic, just identify the not assign blame. Being kind will get you much further. In fact, the best thing is to act as if you assume that the director/owner of the clinic would like to know this information...because if it is true, the owner of the clinic *will* want to know. If I was a clinic owner, I would freak out if a veterinarian in my employment put false statements on the record.

  6. My personal doctor did that to me. I'm seeing another doctor at the same office, and she mentioned that I'd "declined" a full examination in the past but she'd really like to do one. I was all "WTF? I've been a client here for 9 years, nobody has ever *offered* me a full exam." But she just pointed to the note on her computer. Naturally, she doesn't believe me.