Thursday, January 26, 2012

I'm Not Paying For That

Plumber:  "I am so mad at Animal Control Services."

Me:  "Why?"

Plumber: "Because they charged me $75 to get my dog out of the shelter!"

Me:  "Why was your dog there?"

Plumber:  "Because he has gotten out of my yard twice, and this was the second time they picked him up.  So they charged me for it!"

Me:  "Do you think it should be free?"

Plumber:  "Hell yes!  That's their job!  To help animals!  They shouldn't charge owners for picking them up off the street!"

Me:  "But, that's funded by tax payer money.  Don't you think you should figure out why your dog keeps getting out?"

Plumber:  "He's a dog, that's what they do.  Besides, when I went to get him neutered, they said it would cost $100!  That is outrageous!"

Me:  "So your intact male dog keeps getting out of the fence and you are mad at the tax payer funded Animal Control Services because they charged you a fee for picking him up the SECOND time?"

Plumber:  "Yeah, cause that's not fair."

Me:  "You make good money.  Just have him neutered!  What's the problem??"

Plumber:  "Oh I don't want to do that.  The cost is ridiculous and there's no way I'd do that to him anyway.  Oh by the way, here's your bill for 15 minutes of work"

Me...    I look at the bill...   "It's $275.  And you want to complain about a neuter costing $100?"

Plumber:  "Yeah but he's just a dog!"



  1. If he was a real pipe and plumbing lover, he would do it for free. Just think of the poor toilet with no wax ring, sitting there in its waste. It is a sad day when a professional won't do their job for free.

  2. That plumber is just doing it for the money!

  3. Did you have to go to school to do what you do? I mean its just a toilet.

  4. I had a fun moment with a hairdresser once:

    Hairdresser: Oh you're a vet? That must be so fun!... *launches in to the usual 50 pet stories that I politely listen to while trying to read*...I love my vet, but veterinary care is so expensive these days. I just want to make sure I'm not getting ripped off. Quite a few times, they've even knocked a few things off because I've raised a fuss.

    Me: So when when you get finished with my hair and I go to checkout, you and I can have a talk about my bill, huh? hrm.