Monday, January 9, 2012

There Will Be A Test

I take a ton of time to educate clients. I think some of my clients hear what I am saying and many do not. Just in case, I write most of it down for the clients to look at later. This is usually helpful for that client who is continually texting or talking over me on the cell phone or asking me another question while I am still answering the previous question. I finally understand: America does NOT want to hear what I have to say. That really makes me crazy because 1. Clients are pissed if you don’t explain everything and 2. Clients are paying me to tell them information. 3. Clients don’t hear what I tell them. How can this equation ever balance???

Example: Clients Mr. and Mrs. Lapdog bring in Buffy in for routine visits and anytime Buffy is itchy. Buffy stays itchy, so we see them about once every six weeks. Well, until recently. Buffy is now going to another vet and they would like records, no problem, we send the six volume saga to the new vet. We will miss Buffy but not all those hours discussing allergies, their cause and their management. Wow, look, we discussed a food trial for possible food allergies in 29 of your 57 visits but you always said you couldn’t stop feeding Buffy table food because he will not eat dog food. It was so nice of you to call back and tell us that your new vet figured out that Buffy had food allergies and that he is doing well now that he is on this special dog food.

Makes me wonder if I should start by administering a test after each visit? Maybe I could record everything I say and then sell the client the recording when they call back the first of six times to ask again about what I just told them. Perhaps the technology to make everyone remember everything does not yet exist. Until it does, I will continue to do my best and day dream about a career where I just work with test tubes in a very quiet laboratory. And in my day dream, I only talk to two people per day and it doesn’t matter what I say to them…they don’t care.


  1. Yea.... you say you want to work with test tubes in a very quiet laboratory. Till you start losing your kool aid because the reaction in the test tubes stops working all the sudden.
    And as for speaking to only 2 people per day that don't listen? Wait until you have the same conversation with them every day because they did not listen. Then they want an explanation of why your test tubes are not working, and you don't know because they never really listened when you said you were having problems.
    Oh. Then there are grants which pay for this...wonderful experience.
    Pretty soon you just start talking to everything. I yell at my DNA.
    ITS SO QUIET!!!!

  2. I used to give out point by point instructions along with directions to websites that gave other information. I even translated those documents for English as second language people if I thought that they would understand them better. I highlighted when they needed to return, made charts for medication, everything.

    And I still found about 60% of those people called back to ask a question that I had not only answered, but I had written the answer down in the discharge instructions.

  3. I just feel that if the guy making my sandwich at Subway can have a sign that implores me to stay off my cell while giving my order, then I should not have to politely wait for a client to finish a phone conversation to be done with the appointment. I just go about my business without a word and send in the tech with details once it gets quiet. And food allergies? Oy vei! My favorite ones get fixed at the new, smarter vet with that miracle drug...prednisone!

  4. Yeah our pre-surgical admissions forms have a little section about "informed consent" on them. We talk about the procedure to be performed and have a spot on the form for the owners to write down two possible complications of their pet's procedure at the end of our talk. I have even resorted to telling them there will be a test at the end of this so that maybe they will listen. AND STILL I just about ALWAYS have to just give them answers to fill in the blanks. *facepalm*