Monday, January 30, 2012

Special K

Well, this is interesting:

I hope it doesn't increase the number of break-ins at veterinary clinics. I think I'll go reinforce the - hey! Gotta go. There's a horde of depressed people heading up our driveway! AAAAAAaaarrrgggghhh!


  1. Depressed people lack the motivation required for a break in. I think it will be ok. =)

  2. I heard this article this morning too. Hopefully it won't cause the price of ketamine to go up. Gelding is about the only thing we see the cheapskates with horses around here for anymore. "doc we got this stallion for just $100 and now he's trying to mount anything with 4 legs! What do we do?!"

  3. nothing like dissociative anesthetics, it comes full circle......