Saturday, January 7, 2012

Analgesic haiku

Pain medication
Is NOT "just some kind of scam!"
YOU should go without!


  1. LOVE IT! I need to put this on my anasthetic consent form, since people have the gall to decline pain medicine constantly. Grrr

  2. I am an ER doc and am about to ruffle a few feathers. Why do so many GPs exclude GOOD (not torb!) analgesia after routine sterilization (or make it optional so that cheap clients can opt out)? The clients should not be given a choice! Post-op pain meds should just be included in the cost of the sx (and the cost should be increased slightly).I get so many after hours calls from clients who complain that there pet is in pain after discharge. They have to come in, pay for an exam fee, and then pay for pain meds. Maybe that's their punishment for opting out of pain meds, though. So many people have proved that they are not smart enough to make a good choice for their pets - don't give them a choice. It's amazing that they can't empathize with their dog having his testicles chopped off.

  3. Even better are the owners that are too cheap to get pain meds for their cats...and decide they need something after they get home, so instead of calling, decide to just give them a Tylenol. Yes, I've seen it :(

  4. The one I wanted to smack the most was an owner who opted out a pain injection for her (in heat) dog's spay with the reasoning of (in her words) "If she wasn't such a whore, I might get one for her". OMG, really?