Friday, January 6, 2012

Hit The Road Jack

And don't you come back no more IF: have an aggressive pet and don't give the proper respect to us and authorize us to muzzle, sedate or whatever we recommend for your poor excuse for training. allow your untrained sexually intact dog to run around the lobby urine marking when we've repeatedly told you to have the dog neutered and take him to training. The little 'no no' you just told him was nothing other than encouraging him. Get a clue and get the heck out of my clinic. I hate seeing what should be a great dog turned into this piece of crap.'ve ignored your dogs oral/dental health for so long we can smell him before we see him. And, BTW, how do you live with that? want your pet euthanized because you've neglected it's health care needs for so long I don't even have records on it any more. Don't even call, I'm not seeing you or your pet. Sorry, I can't handle that.

...if you tell your kid that we are euthanizing the litter of panleukopenia kittens because we can't save them and it all could have been prevented with a single vaccine or 2.

...if you want my level of service for the price the malpractice doctor would charge you. There is a reason I've got to charge more then asshole doctors that will yank your pets parts out without pain medicine and so many other differences.

You know, we just ask that you take care of your pet reasonably well and use common decency and respect each other.

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  1. Just wanted to say cheers to you! Love what you blog about (just spent the last hour reading ALL OF IT). I look after other people's pets so I'm laughing and shaking my head through all of it :))) Thank you thank you thank you. Drinks all around!