Sunday, January 1, 2012

Sex Education 101

A call to the emergency line at our hospital:

Caller: " I think that my cat is having trouble giving birth. She is rolling around on the floor and meowing real loud!"

Vet: "How old is your cat?"

Caller: "She's 9 months old, never been out of the house."

Vet: "Do you have any other cats? Any tom cats?"

Caller: "No, no other cats. Just her and she never goes outside."

Vet: "Well, I think your cat is going into heat. If she hasn't been around any male cats, it is unlikely that she is pregnant."

Caller: "Oh, ok."

*******few minutes later the guy calls again******

Caller: "I forgot to tell you, we do have a chihuahua...he's real close to her size."

****vet laughing******
Caller: (mad) "Well, you don't have to laugh, is she having chikitties or not?"

Seriously. And this guy had kids. Public education fail, folks!


  1. wow!! It's sure entertaining to read this stuff but gosh I think I would punch most of these people.

  2. Honestly, I would like to trade the times I smack my head with the ability to smack someone else's head.

  3. Obviously this mouth-breather doesn't believe in spaying and neutering... imagine, an intact male chihuahua humping your intact female in-heat cat.

    His house must be a little slice of awesome.

  4. Chikitties! Its what we always wanted!

  5. HA! I worked at a vet in NC and a man brought his dog in because she was bleeding. The vet took a look and informed the man that his dog was in heat.

    The man's reply? "She can't be --I keep her in the shade!"

  6. Chikitties? The latest craze! Those would be right up there with the whosa-whatsa-poos,wacka-doodles, mini-walruses (no I'm not kidding, it's some sort of bulldog mix), and designer-mutt-o'-the-month. HELP!

  7. Lawd, if they could make chikitties....smh.
    You know someone out there has tried....

  8. I couldn't resist and thanks to my photo editing software behold... You're welcome!

  9. my favorite is "Why would the dad want to have sex with the intact daughter? Don't they know god doesn't like that?" Or "Can my dog pee on a pregnancy test so I can tell that she's pregnant?"