Thursday, January 5, 2012

Stupid Human Tricks

You really should not let your dogs ride in the back of your truck without being in a kennel.

Remember when your mother told you to change your underwear every day because if you got into a car accident, the last thing you'd want anybody to know is that you're wearing dirty underwear?

It's kind of that same concept.  Murphy's Law will kick you in the ass every time.

And, if it's *illegal* to let your dog ride free in the back of the truck, perhaps there is a reason for it.

Otherwise, you'll come into my clinic carrying your dog, because someone rear-ended your truck and your dog went flying across the street.  Now it's leg is broken and oh, let me guess...  you have no money!!!

You can barely afford the euthanasia and then only if I comp you the urgent care exam that I stepped out of a surgery for...    so because I love your dog  (intact female Pit Bull)  much more than you do, I put it to sleep for you.  And I will carry the pain of her loss in MY heart because you, as a human, are too stupid to deserve to have such caring human emotion.

All.  Completely.  Avoidable.


  1. *hugs* I hate when that happens.

  2. I don't even let my dog roam the back seat of my car free. For 50 bucks I have a heavy duty seatbelt that has been tested to withstand the stress of a dog (many times the size of mine) that happens when you come to a sudden stop after going 70 mph. 50 bucks not only protects the life of my dog, it protects my wallet and my emotions.

    Then again, I actually care for my pet.

  3. So sorry :(.

    I just called the police on someone who had their dog chained to their flatbed pickup truck going 60mph on an interstate. It's not illegal here but it's stupid enough that they sent a car. It's a hazard to traffic too. I hope they caught him.

    PS just found your blog. <3 it.