Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Take Responsibility

Dear Public:

You need to realize and accept something:   veterinary care is optional.  Meaning, you can choose to do it or not.  And when the answer is "not", then euthanasia is a perfectly acceptable option.   Trying to make me feel guilty for not paying for the diagnostics and treatment of your pet is not going to work.  Choosing to let your pet suffer from something that *could* be treated if you hadn't spent your money on crack...  well, that's animal cruelty.

It's not cruel for me to recommend euthanasia when a pet is suffering from some human-induced illness (like, rat bait ingestion, steak bone obstruction, pancreatitis from all those table scraps, etc)  and you can't afford to do for anything but pay for an exam.  Of course, that crack pipe needed filling, didn't it?

Did you think that coming in here and crying to me and telling me that you have NO funds available is going to make me say, "oh my, I feel SO sorry for you.  Here, let me do everything for free and then you don't have to feel guilty for feeding your 7 lb Chihuahua steak bones and giving him aspirin cause you thought he had a headache."

Nope.  Not gonna work.  In fact, the weakness you show by acting like a child because you can't have your way and expect someone else to pay for your responsibilities?  Disgusting.

I just threw up in my mouth a little bit thinking about it.


  1. Hey there! I just wanted to let you know that I just read your blog for the first time today and I had to go back and read ALL THE POSTS because they're hilarious and SO true. I work in reception at a vet clinic in Chicago and I think that everyone on our staff could relate to what you have to say! Keep on saying what we're all thinking!!

  2. Lers, thank you for your positive comments! We all felt it was about time we found a voice for the profession. Please keep reading and enjoying yourself and spread the word about our funny blog!

  3. Do you work near Detroit? I think I know some of those idiots , I mean people - LOL!

  4. Thank you so much..

    This especially also applies to the idiots who want to drag PETA through the mud because they euthanize animals.

    Boohoo,if they would really care about that why don´t they start with the source, criticizing puppy mills, backyard breeders and pet shops selling animals to every idiot who than doesn´t have the money for a vet and dumps the animal somewhere.

    So there are 4, 5 million cats and dogs euthanized each year in the shelters and no one seems to be riled up by that, but if PETA gets humane euthanisation for animals in a gassing facility or euthanizes animals that are ill, will die or never adopted, they are the bad ones?

    Oh and because PETA is so rich they should offer food, housing and vet care for those 4,5 millions of animals..and the next 4,5 million who are dropped of the next year and the following.

    I wish there was a law in the USA who forces people to spay and neuter or you wouldn´t be allowed to have a pet...which would take care of a big part of the problem.

    Sorry,no kill shelters wont happen if millions of animals are dumped each year and only 30% of them will find a new home...first stop the overpopulation, than require people to have an insurance which takes care of emergencies with your pet.

    In germany for a dog those insurances are available for 10 euros a month and will take care each year for emergency operations up to 3.000 euro.

    27 to 40 euros a month for a dog and it pays vaccines, check ups, flea treatments and deworming..and if the pet gets ill it pays for every treatment including needed long time medication up to 10.000 a year...

    Sounds a reasonable price especially for breeds that are prone to problems(where the monthly payment is higher from the start and it still pays up)