Monday, January 2, 2012

Do not get a pet if you can't afford its care

Just because you CAN adopt an animal doesn't mean you should.

Sure, you can rationalize all day long that you have saved this poor creature.... That you have done a good deed... Until it comes time vaccinate your little bundle of joy.  Then suddenly you don't have the money to vaccinate it, or God forbid your little pet needs emergency care... You can't afford that, either.

So now that Evil Veterinarian is the one responsible for your pet being ill.  Definitely not YOU, you good Samaritan.  And how dare vets charge for the work we do... If we really loved animals, we'd do it for free!  And we're so much more expensive than human medicine, right?

Wrong.  We just don't have insurance companies to bill for your care.  The state won't cover the ER visit like a human.  You just expect the bill "to be taken care of" by the hospital, right?  In this case the hospital is the small business veterinarian.

Stop acting entitled;  don't have kids you can't pay for, and don't get pets you can't afford.

That is all.


  1. I couldn't agree more with you.
    Although my husband and I are college students with limited resources we definitely find a way to take care of my cats. We had adopted them when we were in a better financial situacion BUT getting rid of them because our circumstances have changed and not take a good care of them is out of question.

    After spending about 1,500 on 1 of my cats for emergency care my father in law said that if his cat ever gets sick he would put him down. I feel sorry for his cat, he is thin like a stick. He said once a pet becomes an "incovenience" you just put him down or get rid of it.

    I've thought about going to vet school but I don't think I could handle all of the stupid owners out there.

  2. @Nadja Thanks for your comment. It's nice to hear from pet owners who do care and are responsible. Some days, it seems like there are very few of them out there. I went into this line of work because I want to help animals, and yet so often my hands are tied due to the animal owners' financial constraints. I'm not made of money, either, sad to say.

  3. As a retired veterinary professional, I say amen to this! Rescuing or adopting a pet is like bringing a life-long toddler into your home. If you can't budget in the basic care of a "fur child", then stay away from the shelters & pet stores for God's sake!

  4. To the next person that pulls the "Good Samaritan" bit, I will hand them a bible opened to that parable. The Good Samaritan not only help the injured man, but he also paid for his room and board at the inn and came back on his way home to see if there were other expenses incurred...

  5. I totally agree. I have seen time and time again that the greater the number of pets an owner has, the less and less care each pet gets. While there are those that try to do what each pet needs it just seems like their lives have other priorities eventually. I fully understand that. But that isn't an 'excuse'. We regularly try to counsel clients about bringing in additional pets into the household.
    I've also noted that if pet # 1 isn't bringing you full joy of pet ownership or filling a void you may have, then pet # 2, # 3, etc also will not do so.

    1. What happens if, when you got the pet (in my case 14 yrs ago) had a good job but due to an injury, no longer have said good job...should I get rid of my elderly dog because of lack of money? I know vets have to make their money sister paid $35 at the vet for 60 Ultram for her dog, I paid $4 at the people pharmacy for the same drug. I had one vet who would give you a script to take elsewhere, but charged $11 to write it!!! There really are some vets out there that are just simply money hungry!!! You don't appear to be one but, that "don't get pets you can't afford" statement really irks me!!!! And I will go hungry before my elderly dog would suffer!!!

    2. Yeah I agree, this is a pretty rude thing to say publicly about your patients. I would never go to a vet like this. Take some customer service training please.

  6. Couldn't agree more with this. I got into a fight with someone recently because they insisted on getting a pet they can't afford and listening to the utterly hypocritical BS and excuses makes me so angry! Not to mention the day after the fight they're making FB posts about buying video games! I would give up everything to give my cats proper care and I HATE selfish pet owners!