Thursday, January 5, 2012

Do you really want nutrition info from the pet food store?

Now, I'm not saying some people in the pet food stores aren't educated about nutrition but I doubt that most are. What percentage of pet store employees do you suppose have a 2 or 4 year degree in animal nutrition?
I have an idea, the next time someone from a pet food store starts talking to you about nutrition, ask them to show you their degrees and certificates about their nutritional or animal health education.
I've never worked in a pet store, or pet food store. But I am highly suspicious that most of the recommendations made are due to current promotions by the manufacturer and are NOT based on your pet's health needs. I can easily buy the idea that the highest profit food may be pushed by the management. I'm just guessing here.
So I get upset when I make recommendations for a pet's diet, which may or may not be something I sell, and the pet store person suggests something else. Really, you want to match my 2 bachelor degrees and my Doctor of Veterinary degree as well as my licensing and 20 years of experience and continuing education against someone that isn't even 20 years old yet?