Monday, January 2, 2012

He only eats the best

Presenting complaint- vomits occasionally, about once per day every morning, for years.  Otherwise normal, moderately overweight husky.

Me- "What does she eat?"

Client- "Only the food you told me to feed her.  Oh, and peanut butter dog bones.  Jerky strips.  That's all.  The occasional table scrap.  But that's all.  Sometimes she doesn't eat in the morning, though,"

Me- "So what do you do then?"

Client- "Then I add some canned food."

Me-"What kind?"

Client- "Grocery O'Garbagington's meaty chunks.  But only a little in the morning."  

Me- "Maybe that's why your dog is throwing up every morning."

Client- "Oh, no.  You're wrong.  The lady at the pet food store told me to feed this."

And where did the dog food salesman get her veterinary degree?


  1. At ijustwanttomakemoney pet food school, of course.

  2. the dog food salesman probably got their veterinary degree at the same place the breeder who dictates vaccines and who explains how to anesthetize properly for their breed did.

  3. Or the end of the day call... My dog ate an entire cooked pork roast Wednesday. Its now Friday and he has been having diarrhea and vomiting for the last two days. Is there anything I can do, I won't be able to bring him in today. "I recommend bringing him in, but if you absolutely can't then don't let him have anything to eat overnight and call us in the morning"
    The next morning he is still vomiting and is in the exam room.
    "so, what does the vomit look like"
    well, he vomited the hamburger and rice I fed him last night, along with the bread, cheese and peanut butter I gave him.
    "so he hasn't been fasted?"
    he hasn't eaten any of his food.....