Sunday, January 1, 2012

Vet, AKA Free Animal Control?

First voice mail from my neighbor on a Sunday afternoon:  "There is a skunk in my yard!  What do I do??  It stinks!  Call me!"

Second voice mail from my neighbor, 5 minutes later:  "You HAVE to get over here and catch this skunk and get rid of it!  That's your job, isn't it?  DO IT!"

I deleted the messages and kept reading my book.


  1. Holy crap! And I thought I had an a$$ for a neighbor...

  2. Once, when I was a young kennel worker/vet assistant, we got a call that there was a cat on the road in front of our clinic who had just been hit by a car. I was sent out with a towel, a carrier, and cat gloves to assess the situation. It was dead. Very dead. I returned with a shovel. Ah, the glamorous side of vet medicine.

  3. A tech came to me with a question a few months back. This man had 10-20 cats on his land that he wanted to trap and bring to me to euthanize. I replied "Umm, no. This is an animal hospital and not a kitty Auschwitz. " I'm assuming the tech put my reply in more polite terms