Saturday, January 7, 2012

Workers of the World Unite!

Marxism is alive and well in Veterinary medicine!

Client: What do you mean you need payment?

Vet: Yes, you do need to pay for services rendered this evening before we can discharge Fluffy.

Client: That´s not fair.

Vet: Actually it is fair. You did sign the treatment form and the estimate, and actually we are quite a bit UNDER the estimate.

Client: You´re discriminating against me.

Vet: What do you mean?

Client:You are discriminating against me because I´m poor. If I wasn´t poor you would just give me my dog.

Vet: I´m not discriminating against you because you are poor, I am discriminating against you because you don´t have any money. Let´s not turn this into a class struggle issue.


  1. "Mr. Grocer, my cart is full and I'm at the check-out, and I *just* realized I forgot my wallet. I'll just take my groceries home now and pay you next week."

  2. What do you mean I have to pay to pick up my car? I won't be able to go to work or, more importantly, go buy beer and cigarettes. Don't you love working on cars? You are just going to let my car die, aren't you. You have no heart, it is a vintage 1989 Honda you know what that means??

    You just don't care about cars and their owners or you would do this for free.

    What? Do I get paid when I go to work? Hell yeah, I gotta make enough money to buy the stuff that the government won't pay for but no enough money that I no longer qualify for assistance. Did you know that WIC doesn't pay for chips or beer...or even cigarettes? Bastards!

  3. oh I now this people, I ask me what there do in the supermarket get the stuff and pay next month or what ...
    It´s always the same.